Phase 1 Map

Phase 1 of Korstian Trail Project – New Trails

Phase 1 of the Korstian Trails Project will begin in January 2013.  The design for Phase 1, which includes the area around the Rhododendron Bluffs, can be seen above.

New trails are shown by the thick colored lines:

– The purple route will be part of the new access to the Rhododendron Bluffs.  The trail will meander through beautiful forest cover and lead to an intersection with options for continuing on to the bluff rocks or heading downstream along the creek.

– The orange route represents a formalization and improvement of a currently unauthorized trail that provides a high water route around the creek.

-The green lines provide spur trails to the Rhododendron Bluffs and rocks overlooking the creek, as well as access to the creek-side trails.

Phase 1 of Korstian Trail Project – Trail closures and rehabilitation areas

Red circles represent areas that will be abandoned and restored to better protect our natural resources and allow for rehabilitation and restoration of degraded areas.  Closures will not occur until the newly developed routes are in place.

The Project Overview Map shows the names of trails and Forest roads.


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